Humanity has evolved over 6 million years. And in that process, discoveries and inventions were constantly being made.

With the mastery of fire, humans learned.

With the mastery of fire, humans learned how to stay warm, to live in groups, to cook meat, and our physique grew stronger.


With the domestication of livestock, in particular horses, humans started traveling to faraway lands, leading to the creation of empires, where cultures were born.

With the invention of letterpress printing

With the invention of letterpress printing, the ability to store and communicate information increased dramatically.

With invention of the steam engine.

With invention of the steam engine came the industrial revolution, which allowed humans to travel even farther.

With the invention of the car.

With the invention of the car,  travel time was shortened even more.

With the invention of the airplane.

With the invention of the airplane, the distance traveled by humans increased dramatically, thus becoming the cornerstone of a connected world.

With the invention of the Internet.

With the invention of the Internet, humans were able to obtain information anytime, anywhere.

Humans have experienced tremendous progress. The shift from walking to flying has increased the distance we can travel dramatically at a fraction of the time.

Yet, to go to the other side of the Earth, it takes more than half a day, no matter how fast the airplane.

But now - finally, humans will be unbound by the limitations of distance. Instant transportation will be possible, no matter how far. Avatars will make this possible.

While sitting in bed at home, be instantly transported to a place far away, gaze at giant sea creatures at an aquarium, enjoy shopping,and even fish in the vast ocean.

You may think, "but isn't that just in a virtual world?" But when vision, hearing, and sensations are completely synchronized, the human consciousness is in the same exact state as being there. These experience are indeed, real.

Yes, with Avatars, humans will no longer be bound to distance or to their bodies, and will be able to move instantly to anywhere they desire, making it possible to experience everything the world has to offer. A new invention that accelerate humanity is right before your eyes.

In the not so distant future, Avatars will be installed everywhere. People will "avatar in," using smartphones and VR goggles going anywhere as they please and experiencing those unique moments that can only be experienced by being there.

Building a lunar base and exploring the deep-sea, all the while staying on land. This too, will become commonplace.

A world where everyone can "avatar- in" to experience reality of all kinds. The door to a new world is now open.